October 2012 Blue’s News


Blue Streak offers automatic email notification for your deliveries. Our system can automatically generate an email when an order has been placed, picked up, and/or delivered. Save time and eliminate hassles by taking advantage of this system to notify you at each step in the delivery process.

Speak with one of our representatives at 888-258-7875 or chat with us online at our website, bluestreakcouriers.com to establish this service for your company.


Blue Streak recently participated in the Messenger Courier Association of America (MCAA) Last Delivery Mile Forum in San Fransisco, CA held September 13-15. The Forum provided an opportunity for delivery companies from all over North America to get together to discuss the industry and ways to improve end-to-end service. Blue Streak President, Harold Boyett, was a panelist for one of the forum sessions, entitled “Taking Your Company to the Next Level,” and continues to take a leading role in the industry.


Considering the fact that fuel prices leveled off across the country in September, Blue Streak’s fuel surcharge will remain the same at 12.0% for October. With this, our fuel surcharge continues to be among the lowest in the region.

How it’s calculated: If the average price* of regular, unleaded fuel is above $1.79 during the last week of any given month, the surcharge will be in effect on the first day of the following month.

*as reported for the state of Florida, regular gas, all formulations, on the United States Department of Energy website.

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